About Big 4 Career LAB

Although our career consulting business was founded in 2016, our Big 4 firm roots go way back to 2004. Our founder, James Whittaker, took the road less travelled into the Big 4. After studying a major he hated (Chemistry…), he learned the intricacies of the recruitment process because he had no other choice.

James never planned on helping others get into the Big 4 firms, but after working at Deloitte for more than 10 years as an integral part of the firm hiring process, he decided to help a few friends navigate the difficult and confusing recruitment pathway. These friends were hired almost immediately and encouraged James to use his skills and experience to help other. That’s when Big 4 Career LAB was born.

The Big 4 firms are the best places to start and continue a career. Our mission is to help as many people get into these firms as possible.

2016 Founded
359 Big 4 Hiring Success Stories
7 Executive Coaching Team Members
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Our Founder

James Whittaker

James ended up on the Partner-track at Deloitte Global HQ in New York City… but he didn’t start there. He came from a small UK university studying an irrelevant major, but in a few short years broke into the biggest of the Big 4 firms, moved to the U.S. and built a hugely successful career.

He has been quoted by Bloomberg, Social Hire and EduAdvisor. He has spoken at TEDx McCarren Park. He is the world’s leading advisor on Big 4 firm recruiting.

We are driven by our values

Our values don’t just define who we are, but they help us make our clients successful


Knowledge is the key to everything we do. We are the best, but we still strive everyday to be better. Our knowledge = your success.


Our clients (rightly) demand it, so we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity in everything we do.

Information For All

Above everything else we aim to help as many people as possible get a position at a Big 4 firm. Our free content has already helped over 1 million people on their own journey.


Our business exists at the meeting point between cutting edge career coaching and deep industry-specific knowledge. We continuously strive to master this meeting point for the benefit of our clients.

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