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After working at Deloitte in New York City for more than 10 years… I discovered the secret principles to the Big 4 firm hiring processes that can be applied by almost anyone. Let me show you how.

A few months ago, the thought of getting a job at a Big 4 firm seemed absolutely impossible to me. But then I came across Big 4 Career LAB. They gave me a step-by-step action plan that holds your hand throughout the entire recruiting process. They gave me a blueprint of the entire mindset and reasoning that’s used during the Big 4 recruiting process, and most importantly, they taught me how to properly connect with people. These are vital skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Steve Johnson

Big 4 Career LAB Alum

Is There Really A Proven Formula To Securing A Big 4 Position?!

Yes, there is.

And it’s my personal mission to share it with the world.

I’m James Whittaker, founder of Big 4 Career LAB, and I want to tell you about the simple formulas that allow people just like you to secure highly prestigious positions at the Big 4 professional services firms.

I have personal experience of appraising literally 1,000’s of Big 4 firm candidates…

And now I’ve turned all of my research and experience into detailed step-by-step instructions and case studies, just for you.

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